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  • Mobile app available in
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Play Indian Rummy Game Online and Win Cash at RummyCentral

The Honourable Supreme Court of India has declared Rummy a skill-based game and the same declaration makes Rummy legal, irrespective of the fact if you’re playing at home with family or online with people just like you.

Unlike other gambling games, rummy is not based on luck and probability but on the skills of the players. According to the Supreme Court of India rummy is a game of skill as players need to rely on their memory about the fall of their cards to make their moves and win.

Although online rummy is 100% legal, the states of Assam, Telangana, Odisha, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, and Sikkim are exempt due to laws being vague in these states.

RummyCentral is a unique online rummy platform for a truly unique audience and you will find all your needs met through our amazing rewards, bonuses and thrilling tournaments.

We understand that you may require support from RummyCentral while playing rummy online for cash or for entertainment. Our support includes a dedicated team that is available 24/7. We offer you the best of game play, security, bonuses, tournaments and cash rewards.RummyCentral offers you a unique and enhanced online rummy gaming experience. Whether you’re interested in strategy games or wish to take advantage of our various promotions and on-going tournaments, all you need to do is register yourself, login and start playing.

If you’re an experienced player, our seamless platform will not only thrill you, but also makes it easier to play for cash games and tournaments with real people. If you’re a newbie and need help, you can always get in touch with our support staff.

Avail Offers To Play Rummy Online & Get 100% Bonus* On Your 1st Deposit

At RummyCentral, we offer awesome benefits and promotions when you newly sign-up to help you kick start your online rummy gaming experience. In addition to this, when you play rummy with your own cash for the first time on RummyCentral, we give you a 100% bonus of up to Rs. 1,500. What does this mean? Simply that upon your first deposit, you will receive Rs1,500 into your bonus account, with RummyCentral footing that bill! Exciting times are ahead, sign-up and take advantage of this phenomenal bonus today!

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There are more exciting bonuses waiting for you when you refer your family and friends to RummyCentral. What’s in it for you? You will receive 100% of your family and friends first cash deposit in the form of an awesome bonus. So what are you waiting for? Start playing online with the people you love today!

RummyCentral Mobile App

The RummyCentral mobile app is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Whether you own a Samsung S7 or an iPad, you can now play rummy online for cash at any time and from anywhere.

Our seamless RummyCentral mobile app provides you with the best security and game play features that keep you engaged whether you’re at leisure or on-the-go.

The 13 cards Rummy game is well-known for providing players with entertainment and monetary benefits. At RummyCentral, we understand your enthusiasm for the 13 cards rummy game, which is why we have designed a unique and one-of-a-kind platform that allows you to play Rummy online for entertainment and for cash. Join our community and play rummy to win real cash. In addition to playing rummy online for cash, you can also play online rummy for entertainment without any stakes. Playing rummy is not only an easy and clever way of making a quick buck is also an engaging hobby that sharpens your mind and improves you strategic thinking abilities.

Free Rummy Online

The RummyCentral, is home to numerous free rummy tournaments that run 24x7. By participating in our tournaments, you not only win cash rewards but also have enormous fun, completely for free. RummyCentral offers you what no other online rummy site will – an opening credit of 10,000 chips upon signing up and opening your account. These free chips are offered for you to begin exploring RummyCentral, our game play and our tournaments. In addition to opening chips, RummyCentral also allows you to engage in Rummy Rolls absolutely for free. So, why not sign up with us quickly, play rummy for free and earn big money, at no cost to yourself? You can play RummyCentral’sfree Indian Rummy practice card games, as many times as you please. We also offer you low rake fee, 24/7 chat support, and fast cash outs.

The most exciting part about playing rummy online at RummyCentral is that you will not be risking any of your own money. Our opening credit, in addition to too-class game play and engaging interface, makes it easy for you to play, win and cash out when you wish. RummyCentral is available across India except for Assam, Telangana, Odisha, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim. Sign-up today for cash guarantee bonuses, promotions and other offers.

Cash Rummy Online

RummyCentral is one of India’s top online rummy games platform and we offer you the largest number of Rummy variants to explore at your own time. Our wide range of promotions, bonuses and tournaments not only offer you a unique player experience but also immediate cash prizes. RummyCentral is not addictive and allows you to play multiple rummy card games for cash responsibly. Our tournaments are unique and several to choose from. They allow you to play with real people for real cash. Our practice cash games help you hone your skills to play better strategically and win more cash as you play.

At RummyCentral, we help you establish the level of your skill in addition to turning your strategic thinking abilities into a money making and rewarding skill. Our multi table cash rummy tournaments make you eli-gible for bonuses of up to Rs 1,500 on your very first deposit.

RummyCentral offers players several 13 cards rummy variants, that can be played for cash with real people. Online 13 cards rummy games are enjoyable, engaging and a fun way of making a money that can be transferred to your bank account easily. A few of the variants RummyCentral offers are:

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is most popular variant of Indian rummy 13 cards game. Points Rummy is that every game lasts for only one deal. At the end of the game, the winner wins all the points accumulated by all the players. The thrilling part is that each point has a monetary value. For example, if the value of 1 point is Rs.100, and the winner has collected a total of 1,200 points, then the winner walks away with Rs. 12,000 in one single deal! Playing rummy online for cash is that easy and rewarding!

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy or syndicate rummy is played with 2 to 6 players and is one of the most popular formats of Indian rummy. The three variants in this game are 101 points, 201 points and the best of 3. Pool rummy is the exact opposite of points rummy. Here the player with the least number of points is the winner and the players get eliminated when they reach 101 or 201 points. So, what are you waiting for? Its time to try your luck and be rewarded for it!

Deals Rummy

To play Deals Rummy, the players decide the number of deals they will play. Your winnings will be determined by your entry fee, the number of players and the Rake.

Indian Rummy

The classic Indian rummy card game is the most popular variant played in India and on RummyCentral. It is also known as 13 card game, which includes Jokers and other wild cards. The simplicity of this game is what makes in popular at Diwali events, kitty parties and online tournaments. Although popular as Indian Rummy across the world, the 13 cards rummy game also known as ‘Paplu’ in India. Paplu is an offshoot of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy and is as entertaining as other globally popular Rummy variants. The Indian Rummy on its own, has two variants. Firstly the 13 cards game and secondly the 21 cards Indian Rummy, both deriving their names from the number of cards each player has to play with.